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Whether you are dealing with a custody case or filing for divorce, having a Georgia family law attorney by your side will not only protect your right. An experienced family legal counsel can work you through the most trying moment of family life. That’s what we offer at Berk & Moss PC, helping families to overcome legal cases that threaten their emotional and financial stability.

Our well-versed family law attorneys help hundreds of families in Brookhaven, GA resolve family law cases. We understand the ins and outs of family law. We oversee tons of family legal cases such as;

  • Child Support
  • Divorce
  • Child Custody Modification and Visitation Agreement
  • Spousal Support
  • Termination of Parental Rights
  • Child Relocation Actions
  • Contempt Actions


Our divorce counsel team battle for your rights to obtain the best possible settlement or judgment through mediation or litigation, including fair distribution of property and division of the marital home. Ending a marriage is uncomfortable and often expensive, so make sure you have the right professionals in your corner during a divorce. Our lawyers help parents with matters such as payments for child support and child custody rights.

Custody Disputes and Visitation

A child custody case can be very upsetting and turn people’s lives upside down. They are some of the most important cases that we handle here at Berk & Moss, P.C. Our team will work tirelessly to ensure that you and your children’s interests and rights are protected. The responsibility of raising a child is shared by both parents. Our attorneys promote the right of your child to receive the economic assistance necessary for a good, happy life that is relatively split between both parents. Payments for child support remain the same unless the child support order is amended by the court. If either the custodial or the non-custodial parent experiences a substantial shift in conditions, we can guide you through appropriate legal processes to adjust child support payments.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements 

If your marriage fails, love can blind you to the potential for economic loss. Berk & Moss, P.C. are experienced at drafting premarital and postnuptial contracts protecting the financial interests of both spouses.


Even the happiest family dreams can have a few legal i’s to dot and t’s to cross before they can become a reality, such as expanding your family through adoption. Since each family is different, each adoption can poses its own set of legal hurdles. The process of adoption can be emotionally and legally complex, so it is best to understand how adoption works in advance so you can make the right decisions.

Family Violence 

Family violence is a delicate matter that requires a savvy, zealous advocate who is familiar with family and criminal court proceedings. Berk & Moss, P.C. are able to maneuver through Georgia’s complex laws to protect your rights and the future of your precious family.


Mediation puts the decisions in your hands and can often produce results that are unpredictable and are usually expedited, rather than going to trial. Berk & Moss, P.C.’s qualified negotiators can assist you get the best mediation settlement possible.


Why choose Berk & Moss PC Family Law Attorney In Doraville, GA ?

  • From judges to the court systems, and even opposing counsel. We are Reputable attorneys that are familiar with the locals. They know us. We know them.
  • Full-time attention to ace your family law case
  • Attorney-Client hand-in-glove collaboration
  • Up to the minute information and proactive advice to set and attain your goal
  • Well-Versed attorney in a variety of Family Law Matters
  • Our goal is to protect your rights using our combined years of experience in and outside the courtroom. 


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