Wills and Probate

Property, assets, living trusts and the distribution of them can take time and require experience in handling these very important matters. Our compassionate team at Berk & Moss, P.C. makes sure your case is handled, and as smoothly as possible, to ensure low stress and positive outcomes.

Stress No more – Get exceptional will and Probate legal support from Berk & Moss PC; The leading Will and probate law firm in Atlanta

Fast and Affordable Probate

Who said probate must be time-consuming and bank-breaking? Berk & Moss PC law firm here to change the narratives. We’ve helped hundreds of clients in Atlanta, Georgia, and Decatur GA in fast-tracking probate. And when in the probate court we give it our all. We are the straight-to-the-point probate law firm. No dragging, No delay

Our probate attorneys are well-trained to facilitate your estate administration representation. They will meet your unique needs and walk you through the process smoothly. Get professional advocates to work directly with you on your probate concern. At berk and moss, we take care of all aspects of probates professionally. We handle all necessary legal work for the estate, including;

  • Letters Testamentary, 
  • Appraisals, 
  • Inventories, 
  • Collecting Assets, 
  • Court Hearings And
  • Distribution to Heirs

Why Work with Berk & Moss PC for Your Will and Probate Concern?

  • Make light work of complexities in regulations and legal requirements associated with probate 
  • Beat down risks and issues in probate court and get guidance on any potential issues.
  • Make beneficiaries receive the assets you want them to with little to no hassle
  • Ensure all your documents meet state and local guidelines,
  • Prevent heavy tax implications on beneficiaries’ assets.

With Berk & Moss PC probate service, filing probate in Atlanta, Georgia, and Decatur GA doesn’t get better. 3 simple steps and you are good

1. FREE Evaluation and Legal Consultation

When you contact Berk & Moss PC, we start by analyzing your unique case. Evaluate it and determine if it qualifies for a set-aside or formal administration. You will also get an estimate of how much you can expect to pay (court costs inclusive).

 2. Provide Requested Information

After evaluating your case, the next line of action is to have your paperwork. In the shortest time possible, your probate petition is ready for review. Once you confirm, we’ll file your approved probate petition with the appropriate local court.

3. Get Court Approval

Upon court approval, the probate process starts with an order from the court. In the case of formal administration, you can start collecting all estate assets. To set aside estate, you can instantly distribute assets to the beneficiaries.

It’s That Simple with Berk & Moss PC. Get Started Today for Free.

Contact our team at Berk & Moss, P.C. today!
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